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Working with local schools at Elephant Park

The development of Elephant Park will span 15 years in total, so a local young person who started school when the project began could still be in education by the time we have finished. We want to make sure that young people are fully engaged with our plans and are able to benefit from them as much as possible. We are therefore working with a number of different primary and secondary schools, as well higher education institutions, on various different education projects.

If you work for a local education institution and would like to talk to us about working together, please email with the subject “Education project”.

Helping young people get ahead
A primary school child wearing a red sweatshirt facing away from the camera and leaning across a table, talking to artist Ryan Gander who is wearing a black cap, glasses and a face mask.
Ryan Gander art commission
Morley College Collaboration
Ark Professional Pathways

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