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The Park

The first phase of the park opened to the community in 2017 and - along with existing mature trees, rolling lawns and plants - featured a temporary play feature including climbing walls, swings, a slide and sand pit.

Presently (as of June 02, 2021), the park has entered its second phase. Its evolution welcomes just over double the amount of green space with more trees, plants, and lawns, all contributing to our mission zero commitment.

The temporary play space has been replaced with a large, permanent natural play area, Elephant Springs. You can now follow the button below to read about the unique porphyry stone, village-style pumps for water jets and plenty of seating around the edges for those who don't wish to get wet!

A network of accessible paths now allows visitors to walk through and around the edges of the park, experiencing the colourful plants and wildlife that will call the park home.

Elephant Park is now open 24/7

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Elephant Springs

A celebration of the elements, Elephant Park’s waterscape play area is made of tactile porphyry stone from Italy. The design honours the stone’s natural appearance and is unlike anything in the area – not least due to its joyously interactive elements such as water jets and a flowing water stream to play in.
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The Pavilion

The South-west corner of the park – which connects with Sayer Street – will be anchored by a landmark pavilion. Built around a mature London plane tree and clad with accoya timber, the pavilion won’t just be open for food and drink at the kiosks or function room. Visitors will also be able to immerse themselves in the tree canopy and enjoy the roof terrace’s breath-taking views. With a completion date of Summer 2021, updates are soon to follow.
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Perfect for families

The new park will be a fantastic place for families to visit, with a range of children’s play equipment provided. The park will provide a natural play that forms part of the natural landscape, as well as a water play feature. In addition, families are encouraged to make use of the expansive lawn space and seating.
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Green Space

Perhaps above all else the new park celebrates the existing mature trees that have been retained from the previous Heygate Estate. In total, the first phase will be home to ten existing mature trees, revealed amongst an undulating ground of lawn and meadows. The park is therefore a predominantly green and open space, attracting visitors to use it as a new space in Elephant & Castle for relaxing strolling, sitting, playing, visiting, educating and learning.
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Everything in Elephant Park is designed with biodiversity at heart, right down to the grass under our feet. To attract a plethora of different wildlife, the lawn is grown from 26 different species of grass. As well as bug hotels, habitats for birds and bats adorn the majority of the park’s trees.
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Parkside Retail

Enjoying the park? Take advantage of Ash Avenue's parkside retailers. Southwark's new food destination - with retailers ranging from coffee shops to street-food - meshes subtly with the park itself. The effect, virtually unmatched in Europe, gives an impression of dining or shopping in the heart of the park while actually at its edge.
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Events & Activities

The first phase of the park includes an events and activities programme that is designed to draw people into the park. The park serves as a resource for local schools, community groups or anyone to use as their own space for meetings and events. Got an idea?