What is green infrastructure?

Find out about green infrastructure and how the Elephant Park regeneration has added strategically placed green spaces.

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  • 27 November 2019
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  • Elephant Park
Green Infrastructure (GI) is the network of strategically planned green spaces and environmental features that deliver a wide range of benefits for their communities.

Consultants, such as Greengage, work closely with architects and landscape teams to help maximise these opportunities. At Elephant Park, Lendlease has applied a whole development approach to ecology through its biodiversity, ecology, nature (BEN) strategy.

GI represents a key ally in urban climate change mitigation and adaptation. The network of multifunctional green spaces that cross our cities help to reduce the impacts of the urban heat island effect, surface water flooding, biodiversity loss and poor air quality, alongside providing a raft of other benefits.

An example of GI is a living roof, which is when the roof of a building is partially or completely covered with vegetation. These are used to recreate conditions found at biodiverse brownfield sites or other species-rich habitats. They can be created on any roof space, domestic or commercial, rural or urban.

Other examples include making sure the right greenery is planted, choosing appropriate plants that add nature conservation value, encouraging locally important invertebrates, birds and other wildlife.