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Melanin Health & Wellness Tai Chi Classes

Improve your balance, strength, and fitness every Wednesday at Melanin H&W Community Centre.

Sports & Fitness

We train balance, coordination and strength by building and developing our myofascial tissue, an intricate network of connective tissue with runs through the whole body. This approach helps you to improve your stability and coordination.

A strong balance and body is the foundation of all martial arts and significantly transforms both your physical and mental performance. Join Melanin H&W's Tai Chi classes on Wednesdays to experience these benefits firsthand.

No need to book, simply come along and pay the £20 class fee when you arrive.

Event Info
  • 10 July - 25 September 2024
  • Melanin H&W Community Centre, 1 Bodley Wy, London SE17 1FN
  • £20
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Event Times
Wednesday, 10 July
7pm - 9pm
Wednesday, 25 September
7pm - 9pm