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Little Louie art exhibition

View Rueben Powell's "No footpath at ground level" exhibition between 12th April and 16th June.

Art & Culture

The exhibition displays Reuben Powell's paintings and prints on tin of the Heygate Estate in Elephant and Castle.

Powell has lived and worked in Elephant and Castle for over 40 years, focusing his work on the ever-changing landscape of the local neighbourhood. His work includes drawings of the area and a series of paintings and prints on tin plate steel.

The Heygate Estate once stood at the top of Walworth Road. Built in the early 1970s and provided homes for thousands of people along with the neighbouring Aylesbury Estate. Occupants were to be raised above the decaying Victorian streets of Elephant and Castle to homes interconnected by aerial concrete walkways. Rumour has it that people would be able to walk to Camberwell without setting foot on the ground.

A sign once stood by a locked gate on Heygate Street stating "no footpath at ground level", inspiring Powell's latest exhibition.

The Heygate Estate was demolished in 2014 to make way for Elephant Park.

The exhibition can be viewed between Little Louie's opening hours. For more information, contact Chris Greenwood at All proceeds from sales of the art go directly to the artist.

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Friday, 12 April
Sunday, 16 June