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Demystifying Design at Elephant Park

A free programme of diverse design happenings in Elephant Park, Demystifying Design aims to make design and creativity accessible to the public.

'Demystifying Design’ will feature free workshops, talks, and immersive experiences aimed at making design and creativity accessible to the general public, as part of London Design Festival 2023.

From 16-24 September, Elephant and Castle residents and visitors will be able to learn about design and explore their own creativity through a series of free events in Elephant Park, The Tree House. 

In partnership with London Design Festival, now in its 20th year, Elephant Park and Lendlease, the programme of free design happenings will celebrate Southwark South Design District, a vibrant and creative community in south London. 

Game and Augmented Reality immersive experiences will take place from 16th-24th September, with workshops and talks taking place between 21st-23rd September. All workshops are free.

Thursday 21 September

Nourishing Creativity: public installation design | 3D sound workshop, 12:30pm - 3:30pm

Collective Anomalies: The Silent Screen | talk/workshop, 6pm - 7pm

How can we break the fourth wall in digital spaces to accommodate and enhance accessibility, creative expression, and inclusivity?

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Marmairo; Reflections on Tinian Marble | talk, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

This project is a practice-based exploration on Tinian marble, Tinos’ marble quarries, and their extensions to the Greek island’s socio-environmental life.

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Friday 22 September

Elephant Park: Research Trail | workshop and exhibition, 12pm - 3pm

This hands-on workshop will guide you in how to explore and map your surroundings through the use of drawing, mark-making, graphic composition and design skills.

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Patchwork | workshop, 4pm - 7pm

This is a short talk followed by a live workshop in virtual reality. Participants will be invited to enter the VR space and co-design a digital fashion artefact.

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Saturday 23 September

Quite Brilliant Quilting Brigade | workshop, 11:30am - 2:30pm

Unearth the critical potential of thread and needle in this workshop led by artist and designer Cai Tuomivaara and master timeless hand-sewing techniques.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane, 3pm - 5pm

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Timeless Tradition, 6:30pm - 7:30pm

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Events running throughout September 16 – 24

Timeless Play, 9am - 5pm, daily

Join MA User Experience students as they look at preserving ancestral traditions through games.

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Women of Elephant and Castle, 9am - 5pm, daily

An Augmented Reality immersive experience of the most emblematic local marks of Elephant and Castle emphasising the contribution of women through time.

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