Walworth, Borough & Bankside launches YCC Youth Hub with support from Lend Lease

This summer, Lend Lease is supporting Walworth, Borough & Bankside YCC by providing access to our community space on Walworth Road, to create the YCC Youth Hub.


Whilst undertaking their own research into what was easily and visibly available for young people directly on Walworth Rd, the Walworth, Borough & Bankside Youth Community Council (YCC) discovered there was a real lack of social, fun spaces for young people. They decided to set about changing this by developing plans to establish a Youth Hub to run throughout summer 2014. After securing some Cleaner Greener Safer funding, and with added support from Lend Lease in the form of free use of The Hub on Walworth Road, the YCC Youth Hub was born.

What is the Walworth, Borough & Bankside YCC?

Southwark Youth Service runs five Youth Community Councils for young people across the borough – of which the Walworth, Borough & Bankside YCC is one – to allow young people between the ages of 13 and 19 to get involved in their local communities, raising issues with councillors and taking part in Community Council meetings.


What is the Youth Hub?

The aim of the Youth Hub is to provide local young people with a safe, fun space to meet during the summer. Walworth, Borough & Bankside YCC has been working for over a year to bring the Youth Hub to life, creating a programme of workshops and discussion forums to offer ideas, inspiration and interaction to young people in the area. The young people of the YCC have taken a vital leading role in all aspects of the programme and will continue to do so throughout the summer, attending the Hub each day to run and take part in workshops, meet and greet visitors, share information, and spread the word about the YCC – all with the support of youth development workers.


How does the Youth Hub benefit the community?

Southwark Council and Lend Lease believe it is important to give young people a voice through projects like the YCC Youth Hub for many reasons. By being involved in a YCC, young people are given a voice to help shape the future of their area, with a view to creating safe, easily accessible youth spaces as part of that. They also benefit from learning how councils work and how major decisions are made, how to talk to adults in positions of authority and negotiate things they want, as well as learning about making a difference for other young people and having an impact on what’s available for them.


What do members of the YCC have to say about it?

Kirsty, aged 15, said: “Being in a YCC and running this project means a lot to us as we can provide a safe place for youths in the area. We try to build skills that may not be given elsewhere. This is the first of many things that this YCC will do for the community.“

Phuoc, aged 15, added: “Being a part of the YCC is fantastic! I’ve had the chance to improve my skills in public speaking but also organising events. I also get the chance to get active in the community.”


How do I get involved?

The YCC Youth Hub will run at 184 Walworth Road, SE17, from now until 22nd August.


Young people across Southwark can get involved in one of the five local YCCs. If you want to find out more you can pop along to the Hub, check out the youth service website – whtvr.org.uk – or email louise.doherty@southwark.co.uk or emma.corker@southwark.gov.uk.