The Best Indoor Plants to Bring the Outside In

The best indoor plants to bring the outside in

House plants are more than just nature-based eye-candy for the home, so while plastic replicas are an easy substitute for the real things, there’s one thing they don’t provide: Clean air.

Now more than ever – when many of us are going whole days without leaving the house – we should be cashing in on what a simple houseplant can do for us, but we’re aware of the anxieties that come with having a living thing to look after. That’s why we’ve put together our list of the best house plants for beginners and seasoned naturalists alike. Read on to see what types of indoor plants you can have delivered directly to your door.

Rubber Plant
Botanical name: Ficus Elastica Robusta

When you can spot the word ‘robust’ in a plant’s latin name, that might be a clue that it’s a good one for beginners. Not only does it need little water – weekly in the summer and even less so in the winter – it’s also easy to spot when this plant is unhappy. The Rubber Plant’s leaves are bound to drop if it’s not receiving enough indirect, bright sunlight. But, like rubber, it’s liable to bounce back if well cared for and can grow up to 30 metres tall!

Plant delivery to Elephant & Castle is available via or Rubber plants start at just £13.99

Wax Plant
Botanical name: Hoya Carnosa Tricolor

Native to Eastern Asia and Australia, this flowering plant can grow in close to any light conditions, so is perfect if your window space is limited. However, to power its spurs and notice a visible difference in its growth, just make sure it has some bright, morning sun as often as possible. Your reward? Noticeably cleaner air. Studies have shown that wax plants are among the best house plants for removing pollutants.

Plant delivery to Elephant & Castle is available via or Wax plants start at £18.99

Satin Pothos
Botanical name: Epipremnum Pictum Argyraeus

As the Satin Pothos is native to Asian Tropics, it needs bright, indirect light and needs weekly misting if your plant doesn’t have drainage holes. Beyond that, it’s the perfect plant for any room as long as you can avoid cold draughts. When it comes to types of indoor plants, the Satin Pothos is much like the Wax Plant in that it is a living, breathing air purifier. The perfect home-office companion, if you ask us.

Plant delivery to Elephant & Castle is available via or Satin Pothos plants start at £13.99

Heartleaf Philodendron
Botanical name: Philodendron Hederaceum

No prizes for guessing where this one got its name. Its romantically shaped leaves are as resilient as they are beautiful. Possibly the lowest maintenance plant on the list, botanists say that it can handle the odd bit of unintentional neglect, though it’s obviously not recommended. Instead, keep it moist and dusted and it’ll reward you with – you guessed it – pure air for the home.

Plant delivery to Elephant & Castle is available via or Buy a Heartleaf Philodendron for around £24.99

Golden Pothos
Botanical name: Epipremnum Aureum

Perhaps contrary to what its name would suggest, the Golden Pothos has a small appetite and is therefore not the biggest fan of light. It needs some, of course, but is happiest in low, indirect light. It also has a shallow root system so needs little water. Help the plant breathe by dusting it with a damp cloth to open up its pores and you may be looking at leaves of up to 20 inches!

Plant delivery to Elephant & Castle is available via or Also known as Devil’s Ivy, a Golden Pothos retails at around £14.99

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