Put your best foot forward in East Walworth

Put your best foot forward in East Walworth

Are you sitting comfortably? Well it’s time to get up and stretch those legs on a walk that will boost body and mind between the inviting parks in South London

The East Walworth Green Links connects six of the area’s parks on a network of safe and quiet routes by foot and bike.

The latest Green Link begins at Elephant Park, London’s newest park in over 70 years, and takes walkers through a mix of green spaces to Burgess Park, which at 56 hectares is the largest park in Southwark. Along the way walkers can take in the sights and sounds each of the parks has to offer, including the community orchard and vegetable garden at Salisbury Row Park and the large meadows at Surrey Square Park.

Whatever your age and fitness level, walking on your own or in a group enables you to go at your own pace. Walking is the greenest mode of transport there is and while you’re saving the planet, you’re saving yourself from the stresses of overcrowded public transport; and leaving the car at home helps to reduce air pollution.

According to the UK Chief Medical Officer adults should complete 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week – and walking counts towards that target. At a reasonable pace, the walk from Elephant Park to Burgess Park takes around 30 minutes – an easy 20 per cent of the recommended weekly goal – and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Not only is walking good for your physical health, it’s a universal fact that exercise – especially when it’s performed outdoors – is a mood booster. So, what are you waiting for? Put your best foot forward and take a stroll through the parks in East Walworth, it will be good for your heart, head and wallet.

Elephant Park – In this superb park you will find a modern, inviting green space with children’s play area set amongst mature London Plane trees. Visit www.elephantpark.co.uk to find out when you can catch one of the free events taking place at the park’s community space.

Victory Community Park – This L-shaped park is loved by its local community who are integral to its upkeep. There are regular community-run planting days and Victory School uses the park’s nature garden during school hours.

Nursery Row Park – Just a stone’s throw from East Street Market this 1.76 hectare park dates back to 1885 making it the oldest park in East Walworth. It includes 2 playground areas, a wildlife meadow and community orchard.

Salisbury Row Park – Situated close to where New Kent Road and Old Kent Road merge, the park was reclaimed in the 1970s. Keep your eyes peeled for foxes, bats and many species of birds in the wildlife area.

Surrey Square Park – This much-loved park offers 1.2 hectares of green space in the heart of the Aylesbury and Kinglake estates. It’s a green oasis for locals living in the area.

Burgess Park – The final stop on the Green Link walk, this sprawling park is Southwark’s largest green space and is based along the route of the Grand Surrey Canal. Dotted around this park you’ll find tennis courts, a BMX track, sports pitches, a cafe, a lake with picnic areas and much more.