the park

The Park is at the heart of Elephant Park and forms the centrepiece of the development. The first phase opened in August 2017, and delivers the first 0.4 hectares of the final, completed park.

Open to everyone, with mature trees, play trails, a performance area and plenty of open green space to relax, the new park provides a fantastic new public space and a new green heart for the Elephant & Castle community.

If you are interested in running an event in the park or have an idea you would like to discuss with us please email or call 0203 600 0001


how to find the park

Entrance to the park is currently either from the west side via Elephant road or from the north via New Kent road (A201).

park opening and closing times

The park is open 365 days a year. The park opens at 7.30am daily and will close at 9pm during British Summer Time (BST) and at 5pm for the rest of the year.

Opening Times Closing times
Jan – Mar 31st 7.30 am 5 pm
Apr – 27th Oct 7.30 am 9 pm
28th Oct – Dec 7.30 am 5 pm


The park has been designed to serve all parts of the Elephant & Castle community. Key features include:

  • Green Spaces and Mature Trees

    Perhaps above all else the new park celebrates the existing mature trees that have been retained from the previous Heygate Estate. In total, the first phase will be home to ten existing mature trees, revealed amongst an undulating ground of lawn and meadows. The park is therefore a predominantly green and open space, attracting visitors to use it as a new space in Elephant & Castle for relaxing strolling, sitting, playing, visiting, educating and learning.

  • Children's Play

    The new park will be a fantastic place for families to come and visit, with a range of children’s play equipment will be provided. A play walk area at the eastern end of the park will provide a mixture of play challenges, including climbing structures, slides, ropes and ladders and a sandpit. The park will also provide natural play that forms part of the natural landscape, as well as a water play feature.

  • Performance Space

    The first phase of the park includes an events and activities programme that is designed to draw people into the park. The park will also serve as a resource for local schools and community groups to use as their own space for meetings, events and learning. The first phase will therefore deliver a flexible performance space that can be used throughout the year.


Looking after the park

Elephant Park is here for everyone to enjoy. Please keep it safe for children and respect the wildlife by not causing damage to trees, plants or animals and their habitats. If you would like to know more about how you can help us to look after the park, please click here.