A new phase of the park is on its way

We’re working hard to deliver the next phase of Elephant & Castle’s brand-new park. To complete this as quickly as possible, and with the safety of the community as our top priority, we need to close off the existing first phase of the park temporarily from 13 July until the end of November while we carry out the works.

We recognise that closing the park is not ideal at this time, so please be aware we have not taken this decision lightly. It has always been part of our plan to deliver the remainder of the park in line with the completion of the third phase of the project, which is currently under construction on New Kent Road, and is due to begin completing at the end of this year.

In order to achieve this, we now need to commence work on the park. We’re aiming to get the work done as quickly as possible so that we can open the new and improved park by the end of this year, as well as a new street – Ash Avenue – which will bring many new retailers and restaurants to the area.

Please find below advice about what other green spaces you can use in the meantime, as well as lots of information about what the new Elephant Park will look like when complete.

* Photo sent in by Roy Meyler June 2020

What green spaces can I use in the meantime?

There are a whole host of parks and green spaces nearby to Elephant Park that are definitely worth checking out if you haven’t already. Burgess Park is, of course, the biggest park nearby but there also a number of smaller parks like Victory Park and Salisbury Row Park that are worth a visit. We’ve worked with local group, East Walworth Green Links, to put together this handy map that directs you to all the local parks in the local area.


Also, the temporary meadow we have built on Deacon Street (see image below) will remain open throughout the period the new park is being built.


And we'll also shortly be opening an exciting new, temporary project on Sayer Street (see image below) that will provide more places to sit and relax and even more planting for you and local wildlife to enjoy.


What’s the new park going to look like?

Once works are complete, the new park will more than double in size, and will be open to everyone at all times.

We consulted the local community extensively to understand what everyone wanted in their new park, and have included that feedback in the final design. Keep scrolling down to find out more about all the features of the new park.


The great lawn

We will keep the most successful parts of the existing park and seek to improve on this. Similar to the first phase, the park will be centred around a large, open lawn for relaxing and playing games, with vibrant and colourful planting beds and rain gardens along the edges.
A series of pocket spaces are proposed along the edges of this lawn, creating quieter, more intimate places to compliment the busier central space.


Play hub

The new park will be a playable landscape throughout, but there will also be a specific play hub for children in the northeast corner of the park. The play hub will have a natural feel with a large, interactive water feature at its centre. Interactive elements such as jets, dams and pumps will be integrated into the water feature, allowing children and adults alike to interact with and manipulate the water.


Mature trees

We’ll also keep as many of the existing, mature trees as possible from the previous site, which will give the park a unique, established feel when it reopens. Similar to the first phase, we will plant many more new trees as well.

Park plaza

The southwest corner of the park will be anchored by a park plaza, which will include a new park pavilion built around mature trees, and will include a publicly accessible terrace amongst the tree canopy.


Park promenades

Our original plans for the park were constrained by three roads surrounding the park, but we have worked really hard to either remove these or greatly pedestrianise them. This means the park will not only be a much safer place, but it also provides more space for the restaurants, bars and cafes that will surround the park.

To find out more about our retail plans click here.



Finally, and again similar to the first phase of the park, the space will be somewhere the community can continue to host events and activities. If you are interested in holding an event in the park please email ele-ask@lendlease.com

Need more information?

If you want to know more about our plans for the park or have any questions about why we’ve closed the current park please email ele-ask@lendlease.com or call 0203 600 0001