National Tree Week at Elephant Park

National tree week at elephant park

It’s the greenest time of the year! Well, not quite – it is winter, after all. But it IS National Tree Week in the UK! It’s the perfect opportunity to share what we’re doing at Elephant Park and the surrounding areas to create a green and biodiverse community of trees in London.

Every week is National Tree Week to us

Speak to any member of the Elephant Park team about trees and you’ll quickly find there’s a special affiliation with the trees here – and it all stems from the local community.

In 2012, when designing Elephant Park, we committed – following extensive dialogue with the local community – to retain as many of the existing mature trees that were on the site. So, of the 406 trees that were here, we’ve designed Elephant Park to keep 128 of them. But that meant we’d still have to remove the majority of trees.

We worked with a team of arboriculturists (tree farmers) to value what those trees were worth and committed to not just replace that value with new trees, but to increase it by at least 5%. By the time Elephant Park is complete, we’ll have planted over 1,300 semi-mature trees in the development or in the surrounding area – that’s 1,300 more trees in London!

We’re already well on our way, having planted over 1,000 trees. And we’re not talking about little seedlings either – some of the new trees have been growing in nurseries for up to 20-30 years and have reached 8-12m in height before we plant them.

Tree Installation Video:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

With 50 trees being lost in major cities every day, we’re proud to be increasing the total number across London. And, when we do have to remove trees, we’ve a plan for reusing the timber where possible – we’ve have worked with Goldfinch Furniture, an enterprise run by London Reclaimed, to make furniture from felled timber which is then being used at Elephant Park.

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I see trees of green…

…what a wonderful neighbourhood. As well as our comprehensive tree-planting programme, we’re also working hard to ensure that 11 acres of public space in Elephant Park will be as green as possible – that’s almost half of the entire development!

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