Festive cheer: Christmas trees donated to Elephant and Castle community

Christmas trees donated to Elephant and Castle community

Trees from the Sayer Street Christmas Tree Forest, which was open throughout December in the lead up to Christmas, were reused and donated to local communities in Elephant and Castle.

Earlier this month, Paula Garvey and Lauren Sheppard from Elephant Park developer Lendlease, and Nickolas Tsiardakis from construction partner Carey’s, were out and about delivering Christmas trees to three community centres near Elephant Park.

They dropped off the trees, complete with planters and fairy lights, at three community centres on the Brandon Estate, just down the road in Kennington, where they were used to brighten up spaces for the neighbourhood’s events in the run up to the festive break.

One tree each went to the Jack Hobbs Club (run by the Brandon Tenants and Residents Association), community centres on the Brandon Estate, Southwark, just above Kennington Park.

Each of the trees were greatly received by teams in the community centres, with one of the community leaders saying,

“The trees are great and the residents on the estate will enjoy seeing them for their Christmas party.”

During December, Sayer Street, in Elephant Park, was transformed into a mini winter wonderland with trees (aka Abies nordmanniana, to give them their proper name), creating an avenue of Christmas trees for people to enjoy as they were doing their festive shopping.

Discussions are taking place to see if next year the trees could be permanently planted in the area, at various locations around the Brandon Estate.