Elephant Park’s Restaurant Heroes

Elephant Park’s restaurant heroes

As a newly emerging food and drink destination for London, populated by young, independent businesses, Elephant Park’s retailer community has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19 and the necessary government advice on business closures. Despite that, some of them are demonstrating superb resilience and diversifying their operations to meet the current need.

For example, Beza Ethiopian Vegan, has set up a crowd funding campaign so they can source ingredients, cook and then deliver hot meals to nearby hospitals, as a thank you and show of support to the NHS staff. Beza have partnered with Feed the Workers whose goal is to link up restaurants like Beza with local NHS hospitals so that staff can get a hot, healthy meal and take a proper break, rather than having to spend their break queuing in the canteen.

Beza have also been supporting local Walworth charity Pembroke House by donating food to their aim of supporting some of the most vulnerable families in Southwark. If you would like to help Beza raise even more funds to continue this support, please visit her GoFundMe page here.

Tasty Jerk, another of Elephant Park’s restaurants based in Sayer Street is also helping the community by cooking for a local homeless shelter set up in the Rest Up hostel. Although initially Linda and Rayon, the husband and wife team behind the business were donating these meals for free, now the hostel is able to purchase the meals, backed by funding, which is in turn supporting Tasty Jerk’s business. Tasty Jerk have also begun contributing to the Feed the Workers campaign.

Another of the retailers, Hej, a Scandinavian café/bar and roastery, which has also had to close, has quickly set up takeaway coffee kiosks outside their premises, and started up an online delivery service selling coffee survival kits, along with hampers full of essentials and fruit and veg boxes. Recently they also donated boxes of coffee and hot chocolate to The Outside Project, a local LGBTIQ homeless charity who’ve set up an emergency hotel shelter.

These are challenging times for all of us and the hospitality industry has been hit particularly hard. Despite that there are hugely inspiring stories emerging of people making significant positive impacts on their communities, such as here at Elephant Park.

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