Resident Facilities

From rooftop grow gardens to a 24-hour concierge service, the residential facilities within Elephant Park caters to all needs and requirements.

West Grove

In West Grove, residents will be able to enjoy the West Grove Club, a flexible, dynamic space for working, socialising, exercise and relaxation. Here, the use of authentic materials will give the feeling of being inside a light and spacious loft, welcoming visitors into a thriving social hub, where there are ample opportunities to meet people. Two lounge areas overlook the landscaped courtyard, providing a relaxing space for meeting friends and neighbours, while a more intimate space, tucked away in an alcove, offers a flexible working area by day and a social space by night.

Both Highwood Gardens and Orchard Gardens offer resident's rooms, which come equipped with garden terraces, kitchenettes and toilets, and priovide the perfect place to celebrate special occastions or meet through a resident's club. Thanks to their versatility and generous size, you'll be able to host groups of friends for film nights and parties.

The private gym on the courtyard in Highwood Gardens will offer a range of exercise equipment, such as treadmills, bikes and rowing machines, as well as a terrace that can be used for yoga classes and stretching exercises.

South Gardens

You’ll find the concierge in a warm, welcoming space that is framed by a living wall of vertical plants and crafted from natural materials, including timber panels and stone paving. Meanwhile, each of the rooftop gardens will play host to 40 plots, allowing residents to grow a wide range of fresh herbs and vegetables with a little help from their neighbours.

Within each area of Elephant Park there will be a rooftop communal room, where residents will have the chance to stage film nights and parties with friends and family. The area’s wooden deck will overlook the striking towers that make up London’s distinctive skyline, providing a glimpse into the great possibilities that lie just beyond the development.


In the Hub

We explore the capital’s thriving bike culture and highlight the best places to cycle to, all 20 minutes from Elephant Park.