Green Spaces

With Elephant Park’s fine lawns, wooded spots and intimate courtyards, you will enjoy being outside of your home as much as you will enjoy living in it.

In and around the brand new park we are creating, we have made a commitment to plant 283 new trees, which could range from native species such as English oak, Field maple and Lime, to ornamental trees such as Cherry and Himalayan birch. They come in addition to the 122 retained mature trees, which are helping to attract wildlife, help naturally reduce flooding and purify the air. 

The park’s thoughtful design ensures these trees and plants will complement the surrounding architecture, creating an attractive canvas of green which al fresco restaurants along the park promenade will make the most of.

Another highlight of Elephant Park is the communal grow gardens located throughout the site. The inviting growing spaces will offer residents the chance to cultivate fruit, vegetables and herbs by working with their neighbours – whether by maintaining the space through a dedicated gardening club or simply by exchanging tips and tricks. This will be a fantastic place to get to know the community, and grow fresh and healthy food in the process.

West Grove

The new homes in West Grove, the second phase of Elephant Park, will look out over two residents' courtyards, offering a distinctive woodland or orchard landscape, as well as ample play areas, relaxed seating and richly varied planting. The green landscape will stretch from the generous courtyards where new trees, living walls and green roofs will help to filter the air. In Highwood Gardens, there will also be a south-facing ampitheatre that can host everything from performances to picnics, while Orchard Gardens will feature a courtyard orchard - a beautiful expression of the site's natural history, framed by intimate, secluded seating.

West Grove will offer two communal grow gardens where residents can set up and work with gardening clubs to plant and nurture vegetables and herbs. The attractive growing spaces will help residents get to know their neighbours and work with them to cultivate fresh and healthy food. The gardens will enhance West Grove's community, giving people the chance to enjoy the natural environment and all that it has to offer.

South Gardens

Elephant Park’s first phase, South Gardens, will benefit from three beautifully landscaped courtyards, where mature London Plane trees will grow alongside newly planted trees such as Tibetan Cherry, Turkish Hazel, Lime and ornamental Crab Apple, to name but a few of the different species currently planned. This is the place to enjoy all that nature has to offer – without ever having to leave your back garden. Contemplative seating areas will offer a chance to relax in the dappled shade of the trees, while play areas will encourage young children to spend more and more time playing outdoors in nature from a very young age.

First Nature

Three leading environmentalists describe the greenery and wildlife residents can look forward to at Elephant Park.

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Cultural Visionary

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