Elephant Park is proud to celebrate Pride

Proud to celebrate pride

LGBT+ History Month took place in February and communities across Southwark flew the rainbow flag to show their support for the awareness month.

The annual event aims to promote equality and diversity by celebrating the lives and achievements of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities – this year’s theme is Peace, Activism and Reconciliation.

The awareness month began in the US in 1994 to coincide with the National Coming Out Day. In the UK, February has been dedicated to the observance of LGBT+ history since 2005 when Sue Sanders founded LGBT+ History Month here to improve education and awareness of LGBT+ historical figures.

If you walk through Elephant Park you may notice the construction workers are bringing a flash of supportive colour to the site by wearing multi-coloured ‘rainbow laces’ in their boots and stickers on their hard hats.

The accessories are just one of developer Lendlease’s initiatives to promote inclusivity within the construction industry. The company set up its own LGBT+ network in 2015, which is part of a wider network within the construction industry called Building Equality. At the heart of the two networks is the shared purpose of creating greater inclusivity within the construction industry by working to drive a change in attitude to the perception of the industry in order to attract more LGBT+ talent.

Lendlease employees are displaying the laces and stickers onsite in Elephant Park and beyond to show that individually and collectively they are an ally of the LGBT+ community. Lendlease is proud to be an inclusive employer and the colourful rainbow decorations are a fun, yet impactful, way of declaring their beliefs in equality while continuing to make the very best places to live and inclusive communities.