Diogenes The Dog: a new wine bar aiming to change the game

Diogenes The Dog: a new wine bar aiming to change the game

Just a stone’s throw from Elephant Park, a new wine bar is championing unique wines from lesser-known regions. 

Diogenes The Dog is a cafe and wine bar named after one of the founders of Cynicism – and like its Ancient Greek namesake, the venue is doing things differently.

The bar’s owner, Sunny Hodge, wants to ‘turn wine culture on its head’ – so with a focus on grape variety and region, he sources innovative, lesser-known wines directly from vineyards and makers.
Food at the Elephant and Castle eatery is equally impressive, ranging from brunch and classic bar snacks to mouth-watering sharing platters – ‘drunken meats’ and a ‘boozy cheeseboard’, anyone?

According to a recent Time Out review, the staff are not only incredibly friendly, but also experts in their field. They are nearly all sommeliers by profession – and it shows, as they recommend wines with natural, unfussy flair.

The bar’s chic but relaxed decor reflects the laid-back vibe, and is cool without being try-hard: all plants, brushed wood and green paint. Coffees and pastries are on offer in the morning, but – come evening – the main attraction is the unique wine and food pairing.  

Diogenes The Dog is also contributing to Elephant and Castle’s thriving cultural scene with a weekly line-up of events, including wine tastings, poetry Sundays, LGBT-friendly socials and music. See Diogenes’ events and others around Elephant and Castle here