Community Investment

Lendlease is committed to the long-term future of Elephant & Castle and, even though the project is still only a third complete, real benefits are already being delivered for the local community.

In total, Lendlease is investing over £300million in the area, including public transport improvements and wider community facilities. For example, the delivery of One The Elephant allowed the regeneration to fully fund Southwark Council’s new £20million state-of-the-art community leisure centre, The Castle Centre, which welcomed more than 400,000 visitors in its first year of operation.

See below to find out more about some of the ways we are working with the local community and how you can get involved.

Elephant & Castle Community Fund

In 2012, we set-up the Elephant & Castle Community Fund in partnership with Southwark Council to support the local community during the regeneration of the area. Since that time, the Fund has made £225,000 in funding available to over 35 local groups and charities in the Elephant & Castle Opportunity Area.

The Fund is currently open for its sixth year, with grants available from £500 to £5,000. If you are a local group looking for funding for a community project please visit The London Community Foundation website.


Education projects

Our plans span 15 years in total, so a local young person who started school when the project began could still be in education by the time we have finished. We want to make sure that young people are fully engaged with our plans and are able to benefit from them as much as possible. We are therefore working with a number of different primary and secondary schools, as well higher education institutions, on various different education projects.

If you work for a local education institution and would like to talk to us about working together, please email with the subject “Education project”.

Community Day

Community Day is an annual Lendlease Foundation event for our employees across the globe where they volunteer their time and skills to make a difference in their local communities.

During our time in Elephant & Castle, the Lendlease team have supported numerous local projects, from refurbishments and redecorations of community facilities to aspiration building and careers advice at local schools. If you are local group, looking for the kind of expertise a company like Lendlease can provide then please email


Employment & Skills

Elephant Park will create more than 6,000 jobs (5,000 during construction and 1,000 in the completed development), with a focus on ensuring as many of these jobs as possible go to local people. Since July 2013, Lendlease has employed over 900 Southwark residents of which almost half were previously unemployed. Furthermore, the Southwark Construction Skills Centre, delivered by Lendlease in partnership with Southwark Council, was opened in September 2016 to address the chronic construction skills shortage in the UK, as well as giving attendees insight and access to one of London’s largest regeneration projects. To find out more visit our Employment and Skills page here.

Park events

In summer 2017, we were delighted to be able to open the first half of the park that will sit at the very heart of Elephant Park. This park is open for all the local community to enjoy and since it opened Lendlease has been running a series of events to attract everyone from across Elephant & Castle into the park. These events have ranged from fitness classes and children’s cooking workshops to a fireworks night and local festivals. If you want to run an event in the park or just want to find out more visit the Events page.


Put It On The Map – Elephant Park

Since 2014, we have been working with the local community to come up with names for all the new streets, buildings and open spaces across Elephant Park. So far names have included O’Callaghan Way, named after local hero Lee O’Callaghan who tragically died in military service in Iraq in 2004, Baldwin Point, named after the famous herbalists G Baldwin & Co on Walworth Road, and Sayer Street, a historic street that existed from Victorian times that we have reinstated along almost exactly the same configuration. If you have any suggestions for new street or building names please email with the subject “Building name suggestion”