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We work with our architects to design residential buildings that are not only beneficial to the residents but also to the environment. Click on the hotspots above to see what design detail has been considered for South Gardens.

West Grove

A vibrant neighbourhood at the heart of the new Elephant & Castle development, West Grove is made up of 593 homes in a range of different sizes, set within two tall buildings and a series of mansion blocks that vary in scale from five to 31 storeys.

Designed by Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, a Sterling Prize-shortlisted architectural firm, the new build homes that make up Highwood Gardens fuse diverse historical influences, including the grandeur of the late Victorian and Art Deco periods, with a thoroughly modern approach. Each building has its own character, while retaining a timeless and classic aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the Orchard Gardens buildings designed by Panter Hudspith, which has won the Brick RIBA and Civic Trust Awards for its residential and non-residential projects, are notable for their extraordinary variety and sculptural forms which are brought to life by diverse brickwork and asymmetrical corner balconies.

All buildings within West Grove achieve the high standards set by the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4, which means they are designed to be resource-efficient and built to last. Their orientations provide good air ventilation and maximise the amount of sunlight the homes capture through their dual aspect, ensuring it is easier to keep your home warm and bright.

South Gardens

Designed by MaccreanorLavington Architects, the only architectural firm to win the Stirling Prize for a residential scheme, South Gardens features a collection of modern buildings which range from three to 16 storeys in height.

True to its name, South Gardens has a quiet, residential feel that reflects the wonderful variety of green spaces it has to offer. The development comprises 22 houses and eight apartment buildings, which are a mix of mid-rise mansion blocks and a tower. Its 360 homes look out over three residents' courtyards, with ample play areas and relaxed seating.