Be Onsite | Celebrating a decade of helping people back into work

Be Onsite | Celebrating a decade of helping people back into work

This year marks a full decade since Lendlease, the property development company behind Elephant Park, founded Be Onsite.

The not-for-profit organisation was launched in 2009 with the aim of helping people from disadvantaged backgrounds find life-changing careers in the property industry.

Since it was formed, the award-winning company has placed more than 650 people into fulfilling jobs, with the positions offered spanning 60 occupations.

To ensure people have the best chance of bringing a positive change to their life through employment, the company works closely with prospective employers and potential employees to match the right individual to the right job.

Be Onsite also gives industry-specific training once the person and position have been matched, to make sure all employees have the skill set required for their new position, giving them the best chance possible of career success.

The roles available are varied – from the construction site to the office – and individuals are prepared for their return to work through bespoke employability training. Once back in employment, they can access long-term emotional and practical support, to help with the transition back into work and to keep them on track as their career progresses.

Everyone supported by Be Onsite has had a barrier to overcome to gain employment, whether that be a disability, lack of qualifications or experience, or – arguably the biggest hurdle of them all – a criminal record.

In the UK, 11m citizens have a criminal record and, according to government figures, only a quarter (26.5 per cent) of those who have served a prison sentence will find employment on their release. Be Onsite is working to change this and, currently, 22 per cent of its employees are serving prisoners or ex-offenders.

Be Onsite also works hard to break down barriers based on ethnicity. It is a shocking statistic that only three per cent of the UK’s construction workforce is from an ethnic minority.  People from black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds make up 57% of Be Onsite employees.

Whatever a person’s reason for needing support from Be Onsite, they will be met with non-judgemental help and advice, and the chance to change their lives through employment.

Reflecting on the company’s decade of helping people back into work, Jessica Mellor-Clark, head of Be Onsite, said: “Our aim is to give every individual we help the opportunity to transform their life through employment. We offer everyone the chance of a tangible career, regardless of their background, age, gender or race, and give them the skills and support they need to change their lives.

“Be Onsite is proud to have supported so many people over the past 10 years and the power of our work – for the individuals and the construction industry as a whole – is evident.”

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