the hej roastery

Every coffee lover in London has heard about Hej Coffee, but have you heard about the Hej roastery, right here in Elephant and Castle?

Food and drink
  • 21 July 2021

For those of you wondering, coffee roasting is the process of applying heat to the green coffee beans, transforming them into the rich scented coffee beans we know and love. It’s the stage before grinding the beans down into powder, but a stage which usually happens far away, long before the coffee has reached our shores, let alone our shop shelves.

Roasting the beans locally means you’re guaranteed super-fresh java but more than that, it gives connoisseurs more flexibility. At the Hej roastery, they roast their own house blends of coffee beans, but also rarer micro-lots that get coffee lovers really excited. You can buy most of these blends in store at their coffee shop, Hej on Rodney Road.


Whilst the house espresso blend never changes (their reason: don’t mess with perfection) they do experiment with beans from all over the world. By visiting their online store , you’ll find blends from Kenya, Peru, the Republic of Congo, Guatemala, Ethiopia and even Indonesia. There’s even a Colombian decaf for those who like a post-dinner brew but also like their sleep.


Whether you’re a business who requires wholesale coffee of even just an coffee enthusiast, why not  pay the Hej London roastery a visit, learn about the process and speak to the master roaster who’s constantly checking for balance in the blends? If you want to sample the end product for yourself, you’ll find a Hej café right here at Elephant Park, or at their other branches  in Greenwich, Bermondsey and at Somerset House, Strand. Find out more about everything on offer at Hej café right here.