Celebrating Sustainable September at Elephant Park

Elephant Park and Lendlease are celebrating Sustainable September. National Recycling Week, Zero Waste Week & Zero Emissions Day.

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  • 13 September 2021
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  • Elephant Park

As we welcome the self-dubbed ‘Earth-gentle home’ Greenpoint Market to Sayer Street, we look forward to the month ahead which also marks the completion of The Trunk, our brand-new community space situated within the Energy Hub, which is at the forefront of our sustainability objectives for the project and due to open soon. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our blog and socials for more on the latter. For now, let us update you on some of the most exciting sustainability initiatives and developments in Elephant Park.

We’re setting new benchmarks for sustainable urban regeneration across London, and indeed, around the world. Our aim is to be London’s greenest neighbourhood, providing a healthy and sustainable piece of the city for residents, visitors and those who work in the area.


The Park

At the heart of the development, the two-acre park which opened at the start of the summer plays a vital role in helping to mitigate climate change and providing a welcoming environment for biodiversity. There are 26 varieties of plants within the grass and our lawns are a species-rich blend of turf making it super soft and springy for people to enjoy relaxing and playing on it. Throughout the park there are 3 bug hotels, 4 bat boxes and 17 bird nesting boxes. Recent wildlife sightings include 6 species of bat, solitary bees and birds such as sparrows, swift, and starlings.


Greenpoint Market

Our retailers also share our sustainable ambitions and have their own initiatives and ideas for reducing waste, minimising their impact on the environment and taking steps to help mitigate climate change.

Joining us during Zero Waste Week for example, Greenpoint Market is perfectly placed to show us all how it’s done with their range of re-usable cosmetics like reusable makeup remover pads and shampoo bars as well as deodorants and soap savers. To avoid single-use packaging, customers are invited to bring their own jars for products like laundry detergents and surface cleaner.

Owner Lucy spent the past four years in America where in North Brooklyn, she discovered how people were working together towards better and cleaner communities; something she is bringing to Elephant Park. “We deserve a lovely low-packaging shop in every neighbourhood,” says Lucy on Instagram @greenpointmarketuk. Visit her in Hut 1 on Sayer Street.


Too Good To Go

Others are also engaged in ‘Too Good To Go', an anti-food waste app. Their mission is to take action against food waste by working with businesses to ensure leftovers are sold before they are wasted.

It’s great to have retailers like Hej coffee, MMy, Mikos, Sugo and Miami Bites using this resource. In their first month, they prevented a combined 378 meals from going to waste – the same impact as driving approximately 2,345 miles in an average vehicle. To date, they have saved a combined total of 1,385 meals and 3337.5kg in Co2 emissions.


The Trunk

Our award-winning Energy Centre delivers low carbon, heat and hot water to residents and businesses across Elephant Park, with the capacity to connect into a further 1,000 homes across the Elephant & Castle Opportunity Area. As of this month, its interior Community Hub, The Trunk, is the latest addition to near complete. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our blog and socials for more.


HVO Fuels

A number of the retailers at Elephant Park including Miko's, Beza, Pot & Rice, Tasty Jerk, Miami Bites and Bobo Social get any used cooking oil collected so it can be recycled to generate green energy, and bio-fertiliser which helps grow more food. To date, 6,620 litres have been collected and recycled in this way.

More recently still, we were proud to be at the heart of an announcement by our parent company Lendlease, which said that all UK developments are set for a full conversion to alternative fuels such as Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil. Diesel, petrol, and gas to liquid (GTL), which are often used to power machinery onsite, as well as fuel gases such as liquid petroleum gas (LPG) typically used for heating, will be replaced by alternative fuels. Alternatives include Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), hydrogen fuel cells, renewables, and electrified plant when available.

HVO is a sustainable alternative to diesel as it reduces CO₂ emissions by up to 90%, compared with conventional diesel and can be used as a ‘drop in’ replacement. This means that HVO can be used in existing machinery without the need for engine modifications. This is in keeping with Lendlease’s commitment to source materials responsibly and sustainably and aims to maximise the sustainability credentials of all HVO used on Lendlease projects.

“Removing diesel and other liquid fossil fuels on our UK construction projects is a big step in the right direction for us at Lendlease,” says Simon Gorski, Lendlease Europe’s Managing Director of Construction.

Read more about our HVO Fuels conversion here.


Mission Zero

All of the news above contributes to Lendlease’s Global Mission Zero commitment to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2025 and absolute zero by 2040. Watch the video here.