Southwark school children to be given free trips to the theatre

See how Southwark school children are getting free theatre trips with the help of Southwark Council Events.

  • 04 February 2019
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  • Elephant Park
Southwark Council has announced a new scheme to give primary school pupils access to the theatre.

All children in the borough aged five to 11 will be given a free theatre trip every year. The scheme aims to give pupils access to the area’s rich cultural landscape and reflects the community’s commitment to openness, diversity and opportunity.

Announcing the £500,000 scheme, Cllr Rebecca Lury, cabinet member for culture, leisure, equalities and communities, pointed to theatre’s significance in “bringing together social and generational groups, increasing interactions among communities and providing a way to share knowledge and skills”.

In a statement on its website, Southwark Council said: “Theatre, especially for children, fires the imagination’ – and the borough is well equipped to nurture a love of live performance. The area has dozens of theatres and experimental arts spaces, from Shakespeare’s Globe to Theatre Peckham, Blue Elephant and the Southwark Playhouse”.

Around 20,000 schoolchildren – including those who are home schooled, in hospital and looked after – will now have the chance to enjoy the borough’s vibrant, creative scene.

According to Lury, the free-theatre scheme – which will focus on schools in areas with higher deprivation – “embodies [the council’s] approach and commitment to recognising the importance that culture plays in creating and sustaining our borough.

“We are playing our part in opening doors to new experiences [for more than 20,000 schoolchildren], and in broadening their horizons.”

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