Ramen Delivery in London

Need your fix of ramen? Get delivery in London from Koi Ramen Bar, Elephant Park.

  • 23 November 2020
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  • Elephant Park
Need your fix of ramen? Get delivery in London from Koi Ramen Bar, Elephant Park.

Whilst London has many delectable ramen connoisseurs to choose from, there’s only one that tops our list here in Elephant Park…

Koi Ramen Bar, Elephant Park, London

The secret to an excellent ramen lies at 19 Sayer Street – Koi Ramen Bar. Aiming to ‘serve the very best ramen at the very best prices, this side of the planet’, Koi Ramen Bar is open every day for takeaway or delivery from 11.30am – 10pm. Koi Ramen Bar in Elephant Park, London, has a simple and affordably delicious menu: 5 main meals, optional extras, authentic Asian drinks, and even ice cream – matcha, of course. It’s no wonder they’re so highly rated!

Did we mention they’re highly rated? 

Described as ‘ramen as it should be’ and ‘outstanding’ by reputable reviews, Koi Ramen Bar, Elephant Park, London is also rated by the everyman at 4.6* from over 300 reviews on UberEats and 4.7* from over 500 reviews on Deliveroo. The people have spoken, and they love ramen!


Another thing we should mention - they’re souper veggie-friendly. See what we did there? Four out of the 5 main menu items can be adapted to suit veggie preferences and requirements. Rather a soy-based broth than a pork based? Done! Rather a miso-based broth? Done! Plus, we hear the vegetarian tofu option is delightful…and even if you’re not strictly veggie, we recommend you give the vegetable gyozas a go – yum!

Get it 

You can get ramen delivery in London easy with Koi Ramen Bar. They’re listed on Deliveroo, UberEats, and Just Eat – all you need is access to the internet and a small budget, and the very best of ramen in London will be at your door in no time. 

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