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Read about Carola Cappella. Find out how the Elephant and Castle neighborhood and residents inspired her work.

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  • 04 December 2019
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  • Elephant Park
Photography degree students from the University of Arts London (UAL) London College of Communication (LCC) took part in a creative project to showcase the essence of Elephant & Castle. We spoke to one of the photographers, Carola Cappellari, about her images and inspiration.

Please tell us a little about yourself
My name is Carola Cappellari and I am originally from Venice, Italy. I came to London three years ago with the idea of staying for a maximum of six months, but I am still here!

What do you do now, and what are you hoping to do in the future?
I am currently in my third year of university and in the future I hope to have a career that allows me to be independent and gives me time for travelling.

What did/are you studying at LCC?
I am studying for a Bachelor’s degree in photojournalism and documentary photography.

How has your degree helped you and what do you plan to do after LCC?
My course has helped me to develop my understanding of photography as a complex form of communication, rather than just a technical art, outlining the aesthetical, ethical and political aspects of the practice. After LCC, I hope to undertake a long-term volunteering experience abroad.

What do you enjoy about LCC?
I enjoy the benefits of being part of a stimulating creative community in which the expression of one’s own personality, feelings and ideas is always encouraged. The presence of an outstanding amount of facilities and books fosters our learning and helps to develop our skills.

What do you enjoy about the Elephant and Castle area?
I enjoy the vibrant and diverse nightlife, especially after long study sessions in LCC.

What good photo opportunities are there here?
Elephant and Castle can offer a lot in terms of event or street photography, given the number of cultural hubs as well as the quantity of people that live here or commute to the area every day.

Preference: film or digital?
I usually shoot in digital, however, lately I have been practising with film to enrich my technique.

How would you define the visual style of the area?
I would define it as a happy marriage of contrasts. In fact, the area presents a really unique combination of old and new architecture, from Victorian style houses to the latest generation skyline buildings, which both contribute to the beauty of the area.

What makes Elephant and Castle stand out compared with other areas in London?
Despite the presence of some chain stores, in my opinion Elephant and Castle is one of few places that retains a significant number of shops managed independently from generation to generation. The area is also home to a very strong community of residents who have been living here for decades, which is quite unusual nowadays considering the frequent movement of people in and out of the city.

First memory of the area?
The chaos of the gigantic roundabout!

How do you see Elephant and Castle changing now and in the future?
I see it being modernised, however, I hope it will keep its authenticity and strong sense of community.

Favourite hangout at Elephant and Castle?
Mercato Metropolitano

In three words describe Elephant and Castle
Vibrant, multicultural, authentic.