Our favourite playlists to keep you motivated while working from home

Feeling unmotivated? Check out our favourite playlists for working from home. From chilled out tunes to the happiest of tracks.

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  • 26 March 2020
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  • Elephant Park
Working from home? Read our top tips for staying motivated and productive while working from home.

They can be distracting, but they can also be really beneficial to our productivity. Our co-workers can cheer us up, keep us motivated, and make us laugh. We don’t realise just how much we rely on our colleagues until they’re not around us for eight hours a day. So, depending on your working-from-home-needs, we’ve compiled our favourite playlists to listen to when your work-family aren’t around. 


Need to focus?

Sick of the sound of the wind outside? Can’t concentrate with the 24-hour news channel chattering away in the background? Feel the anxiety levels rising? Try a relaxing concentration-mix from Yellow Brick Cinema to keep you focused when working from home. Our favourite is 3 hours long – the perfect amount of time to get a huge amount of work done. You won’t even notice where the time has gone, and the best bit – it’s a complete instrumental, meaning no random words from songs will end up in an important email! Unless you meant to greet your boss with Hey Ya


Need an energy boost?

Alright alright alright alright…we’ve got what you need! Spotify has a huge amount of fantastic high energy playlists to choose from. Our favourite features classics like Whitney’s Higher Love, Imagine Dragon’s On Top of the World, and for the retired party-animals - Avicii’s Levels. Working from home warning: clear enough space to safely dance around the room.


Feeling down? 

Music can be emotional – the right playlist can make a huge difference to your mood. When working from home, if you start to feel down – take a break, have a cup of tea, and pop on this cheerful playlist. Feel-good anthems like Stevie Wonder’s Sunshine of My Life, The Supremes’ You Can’t Hurry Love, and The Staple Singers’ I’ll Take You There, are sure to put a smile on your face. Just in time for your next video-conference call! 


Create a collaborative playlist with your colleagues

Start a collaborative playlist on Spotify with your fellow working from home colleagues and friends, and it’ll be like you’re all still together. Ours features an eclectic mix of songs like Roll With ItCharmless ManWork From Home, and a lot of Kate Bush


For those that thrive on chaos …

If you’re really missing the hustle and bustle of a busy work environment, and working from home isn’t giving you the same vibe, we’ve got just the thing for you: an hour of nonsensical chatter! Not really our favourite, but if it works for you and helps you to feel more at work when you’re at home, then we’re happy to help!