Elephant Park’s Orchard Gardens wins a RIBA Award

We’re delighted to announce that Elephant Park’s own Orchard Gardens has won a RIBA National award.

Arts and culture
  • 07 July 2022

The RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Awards recognise buildings across the UK that contribute significantly to the country’s architectural landscape. Projects that are nominated go to a jury that consists of members of the RIBA Awards Group, which was chaired this year by British architect Denise Bennetts.

In May this year Orchard Gardens was awarded a regional London Award, which meant it went through to be considered for a national prize. In June it was announced that Orchard Gardens had also be successful in securing a national award – one of just 29 projects across the whole of the UK. Judges commented on the playfulness of the design, as well as how the architecture complemented the overall placemaking within the development. The building itself was noted as being ‘resonant’ of historic buildings and ‘approachable’ within the wider neighbourhood.

Orchard Gardens itself comprises 228 homes and 2,500sqm of retail and cultural spaces in one 19- storey block that gives the impression of a cluster of buildings. The building wraps around a communal garden that enjoys a perspective of ample sunlight during the day and sensitively frames the neighbouring historic library and heritage centre.

Inside the apartments themselves, intelligent design is continued, with judges commenting on the ‘genuinely liveable’ amenity space and ‘maximised daylight’ as well as the effect that the communal garden spaces will have on resident wellbeing.

The selection jury said of Orchard Gardens:

“The judges felt that this was an exceptional exemplar of a dense residential-led, mixed-use scheme; a project that provides high quality-homes, well scaled outside spaces that positively respond to their setting and enhance place-making. An excellent scheme in what is one of the profession’s most challenging sectors.”

High praise indeed! Visit the RIBA website to read the appraisal in full.