More green routes through Elephant and Castle

Find out more about the elephant and castle regeneration news, including the new walks around elephant and castle.

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  • 25 November 2019
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  • Elephant Park
A project is taking place to improve walking routes across the Elephant and Castle area, so residents and visitors can get from A to B in the safest, greenest and most picturesque way.

Southwark Council is a partner in the community initiative, alongside the Walworth Society and Living Streets. Local tenant organisations and council departments are also involved, while developers of all new projects in the area will be consulted to make sure the walking routes connect seamlessly with their plans.

The initiative aims to emulate the success of the East Walworth Green Links, which connects six of the area’s green spaces – from Elephant Park to Burgess Park – through a network of safe and quiet routes for walkers and cyclists.

It will incorporate hidden gems within Elephant and Castle, and it is hoped that memories of local people, places and ideas – including Charlie Chaplin, the Royal Surrey Zoo, and the periodic table – will be features.

In an exciting development, the railway viaduct that weaves through the area has been the inspiration for the Low Line, a walking route alongside the arches. It will connect with Bankside to the north and Camberwell in the south.

A map has been produced of all possible walking routes across the Elephant and Castle area, as far as Kennington, Bankside, London Bridge and Burgess Park, and this highlights where improvements and green linkages can be made.

Having a safe way to walk through the area that also takes in green spaces will make for a more environmentally friendly and attractive way to tot up your step count, which contributes to the recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise.

Being outdoors is a great way to reduce stress levels, too – and with the mercury rising, who wants to be subjected to public transport anyway?

Southwark Council is keen to hear people’s thoughts on the plan. It is particularly interested to hear memories of the area that could help bring the routes to life. Details of how to have your say can be found on the Walk Elephant section of the council’s website.