Modern Pan-Asian delights at Pot & Rice

13 Jan 2020

Celebrating flavour-filled Asian-fusion dishes as Pot & Rice, Sayer Street. We caught up with Serena Li of Pot & Rice in November 2019, just weeks before the launch.

Celebrating flavour-filled Asian-fusion dishes as Pot & Rice, Sayer Street.

Restaurant Pot & Rice, a staple of Sayer Street in Elephant Park, delivers a menu packed full of authentic Asian cuisine with a modern twist. Alongside other eateries taking up residence on Sayer Street, Pot & Rice brings its own twist to traditional Asian fare.

A rice pot dish generally refers to rice with marinated meat and vegetables, cooked in one pot and then drizzled with a flavoursome sauce, but Pot & Rice updates this tradition with its own special fusion-style cooking.

Marrying various techniques and flavours to bring the best of Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese and European food together under one roof, Pot & Rice is a very popular choice for food lovers looking for a unique meal in a relaxed, cosy and stylish environment.

Upon opening, Pot & Rice said that visitors to the restaurant will discover a new way of eating rice, as well as exciting flavours. The menu will be varied, with a choice of delicious options packed full of fresh ingredients. They’ve certainly held up their end of the promise since, so we wanted to take a trip down memory lane and revisit our interview with them.

We caught up with Serena Li of Pot & Rice in November 2019, just weeks before the launch.

Why Elephant and Castle?

Elephant and Castle is changing, and the community within Southwark is working together to bring a whole new offering to visitors and residents alike. We wanted to become part of this developing area and the new culture it is creating.

Ensuring that Pot & Rice is part of the development, alongside several other exciting restaurants along Sayer Street, means we’ll be able to meet and get to know the residents, visitors and workers to the area and see what they think of our concept.

What can people expect from Pot & Rice?

We believe that we’ve created a whole new experience when it comes to eating rice dishes. Rice is a staple for many of our foods, and we specialise in making rice more exciting, giving it a whole new taste many won’t have experienced before. Expect hearty rice pots with meats and vegetables, plates piled high with delicious Asian delights, and tasty drinks to wash them down with, all inspired by different cultures. We’re sure that there’s something for everyone.

Our restaurant will be a cosy place for people to enjoy, and we have high hopes of it becoming a go-to restaurant to visit with friends and family who want to experience Asian food in new way.

Tell us more about the food

The food on offer at Pot & Rice has been developed from traditional Chinese cuisine mixed with modern Asian culture. Hopefully, customers will be able to see that we’ve been inspired by Japanese, Korean, Thai and European cooking and culture through our diverse menu.

Customers will be able to choose from rice pot selections, rice noodle rolls (cheung fun), mocha, yuzu (the native fruit of Asia) cheesecake, fruit and milk teas, and much more. Vegan options will be available as well, so everyone can enjoy our delicious rice pots.

What do you see for the future of the food and drink scene in Elephant and Castle?

Elephant and Castle has a relaxed but busy food scene at present, and we’re looking to help Sayer Street become the place to visit when you’re looking for food in Southwark. We’re very excited to be opening in this up-and-coming area. There is certainly going to be a variety of food on offer in the area, so visitors can experience cuisine from around the world, all in one place.

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