Mindfulness in London: Free resources and tips to try

There’s lots you can do to practice mindfulness in London. Free apps, podcasts, affirmations…here’s our favourite mindfulness exercises for you to try.

  • 14 February 2021

Firstly, what exactly is ‘mindfulness’? It’s focusing on your senses – what you’re physically feeling in the moment, and stopping your mind from wandering over into your worries, stresses, thoughts, and To Do lists…

Focusing on what your body is doing instead of what your mind is telling you to do can help to calm you and centre you in the present moment. You can focus on things like your breathing, the temperature of the air on your skin, the sound of the wind or the rain outside, how comfortable what you’re sitting on is, the smells around you – these all contribute towards mindfulness. So, to practice mindfulness in London, free resources are out there to help you!

1. Yoga

What a great way to exercise mindfulness in London: free yoga! Lost in Yoga teamed up with the Elephant Park Sessions to bring you a free yoga class. Thankfully, now that everything is online, including yoga classes, the event may have passed but you can still attend. Yoga is a fantastic way to concentrate on your breathing and to keep your mind and body present in the moment – plus, it’s another way to keep healthy. Exercise your mindfulness skills and your body and attend this class whenever you like.

2.Cut out the bad stuff

While introducing exercise and breathing techniques into your routine can work wonders, it doesn’t begin and end there. Whether you do those things in conjunction with a look at your diet is up to you, but suffice it to say that cutting down on things like sugar and caffeine throughout the day can really help you to refocus your mind and centre yourself on what’s important: your mental health and your physical health. It doesn’t have to be a case of axing all of your favourite foods, says the NHS  – just of hitting your food groups and drinking plenty of water.

If, like much of the UK, biscuits are your vice, then take a look at this list of supermarket shelf classics with the lowest saturated fats.

3. Drawing

Put pen, pencil, crayon, or paint to paper and scribble away your worries with Mindful Drawing. Another way to practice mindfulness in London, for free, through the Elephant Park Sessions with a local artist taking you through the class.

4. Headspace – not just for London

Whether you need guidance on how to meditate, help sleeping or focusing, or even help waking up – Headspace can talk you through it. A fantastic website and app, Headspace offers a number of remedies and suggestions to improve your mental health and can help you to become a mindfulness master.