Elephant & Castle Street Food: Meet Sugo

5 Dec 2020

Coming soon to Elephant Park - Street food by Sugo.

They’re tearing down Italian cuisine stereotypes in Elephant Park, London; food doesn’t get much better than this at Sugo. 

Sayer Street welcomes Sugo 

The very best of Italian street food comes to the very best of streets in Elephant & Castle. Making their mark on London with their food trucks, Sugo has become well known for serving delicious and innovative Italian dishes across the city. But now the time has come for Sugo to set down their roots and make a home for themselves in Elephant Park, London

As well as offering a selection of meatballs, paninis, grain bowls and sides, the Sugo team also deliver orders locally on their custom bicycles, avoiding the need for other (moped driving) delivery services. 

Food is as important as the location for founder Matteo Grasso: “We’re delighted to open our very first bricks and mortar site within this exciting regeneration project,” he says, “so finding a location that reflects our innovative approach whilst maintaining a sense of community was key”

Elephant Park has welcomed many unique food establishments over the years, with Sugo being one of the latest. The menu is short and sublimely simple, with each item sure to be a favourite in the Elephant & Castle street food stakes. We’re delighted to add you to the community, Sugo! Welcome home.