Kokoro Sushi & Hot food

Get to know Kokoro at Elephant Park

We spoke with Elephant Park's newest Japanese restaurant Kokoro.

Food and drink
  • 29 July 2022
Tell us more about Kokoro and how it started?

Kokoro is a Korean Japanese restaurant, founded by Rak-Kyu Park in the UK more than a decade ago. From small beginnings, the restaurant took flight as people began to fall in love with our food. Now, years later, we have stores across the country and customers flock to eat our hearty hot foods and scrumptious sushi. Our focus on quality service, supported by fresh ingredients and outstanding menus ensures we meet the needs of the customer.

What type of dishes can you find on the menu and what is your best seller?

Kokoro provides daily handmade sushi and hot foods inspired by Asian food such as Korean, Japanese, and Far East.  Our best sellers are Chicken Katsu Curry, Sweet Chilli Chicken, and Sweet and Sour Chicken for hot foods, and All Salmon Love Set and Kokoro Deluxe Sushi Set for sushi.

How do your sustainability goals tie in with Elephant Park?

Kokoro believes that the food industry should take the initiative and accept responsibilities in introducing sustainable practices. All our packages will be replaced with recycled plastic and paper bags by 2023 to join in the government's decarbonizing and net zero goal by 2050. Our branches also participate in the food collecting campaigns to reduce the food waste, and we are also very keen on sourcing our ingredients from sustainable companies. Just as much as we value providing healthy, high-quality food to our customers, we are accountable for environmental sustainability.

Give us 3 reasons why we should visit Kokoro?

Tasty Quality: Kokoro has established its brand with its 55 branches, in major part supported by our loyal customers all over the UK. Kokoro strives to provide a genuine and tasteful food experience to all our customers.

Trustworthy: Key to our business success lies in our longstanding partnership with the best suppliers in the market and high level of staff training. It is the trust we built with our customers and business partners alike over the past decade that led us to who we are now. 

Fresh: Kokoro offers the fresh and authentic Korean Japanese food in a casual dining setting. Unlike most fast-food chains, we make all our food on the premises. Yes, that means all our hot foods and sushi.

What do you think of Elephant Park?

We find Elephant Park to be a remarkably unique urban recreational space that has a beautifully designed natural landscape. Its sustainability-conscious natural design alongside its diversity of users and closeness to London transport makes it a special place for food establishments like Kokoro to settle in. 

How helpful were the Lendlease and Elephant Park team in helping you get set up?

Lendlease and elephant Park team have been very supportive in helping us to open our restaurant here. It has been a very exciting and yet meaningful journey for us since we never had a site in a residential complex before, but it is a great privilege to operate our restaurant this close to our soon-to-be loyal customers.

Why did you choose to open a new store in Elephant & Castle? 

Kokoro has set up multiple franchises in various areas in England which have produced consistent, successful results. However, we have yet to open a store in London, and this new store in Elephant & Castle will be the first time Kokoro ventures into the city. We chose Elephant & Castle because it is a newly developed residence and commercial space that is filled with young people and students who represent a significant demographic of our customers. We admire the fact that Elephant & Castle is a dynamic and characteristic area in the city, which provides us with a chance to grow our company skills as well as implement our extensive experience in managing franchises around multiple suburban local areas in England. 

Will you be employing local people? 

 Yes, of course!

How would you describe Elephant & Castle? 

Elephant & Castle is an area that has a remarkable mix of embodying historical significance and youthful energy that is currently being revitalized into a significant London location.

How would you sum up Elephant & Castle in three words?

Historical, Flourishing, and Exciting! 

What is your favourite thing about this part of London? 

We love Elephant & Castle’s accessibility to multiple transport links to various parts of London, the rich and diverse culture, and its redevelopment spirit that is consistently enhancing and elevating this London location. 

What do you think about the local community? 

We admire how ethnically diverse the local community is and the cosy tight-knit atmosphere that this community embodies.