Angelo's Place, Elephant Park

Meet Angelo's Place

Angelo's is the new food pop-up located within the Tap In at 2 Sayer Street. Head chef Angelo is a Greek Bostonian living in London with a passion for food. His new pop-up Angelo's offers the perfect combination of Greek goodness and beast food from the East Coast of America. We caught up with Angelo and his partner Rosie to find out more!

Food and drink
  • 20 June 2022

Tell us about Angelo's and how it started? 

Rosie: Angelo’s Place is a family-run business and your home away from home. We believe food is important and quite literally life. We are passionate about making food that makes you forget your troubles.  

Angelo: When food is made with love it has that power. There’s nothing better than a soup your mum makes you when you’re sick because it’s made with love. Or that slice of buttery toast your housemate made you cause you’re hungover it’s just toast, but at that moment it will feel life-giving. You never know what someone has gone through that day when they come through your door and the food you give them could be the reason their day changes around. That’s important!  

Rosie: Angelo’s place exists because of love, it was Angelo’s idea to set up a place of our own so I could have the freedom to follow my career.  

Angelo: Rosie is a trained actor and I wanted to give her the freedom to not have to juggle work and her career. Not miss opportunities that might further her dreams because she couldn’t phone in work.  

Rosie: I am extremely lucky to have someone who believes in me and I know it sounds cheesy but I get to work with my best friend every day and watch him make people smile with his food. 

What is it like being part of Tap In? 

Rosie: I am excited about how we can help build a sense of community with the Tap In. We are so lucky to have such nice customers and the staff are so friendly it just creates the nicest atmosphere to be in. They are excited to share our values of creating a community and build with us on this vision. It’s been a challenge to work with the small, limited kitchen we have, but it can be exciting to see how we can work within the space and what we can create despite this. 

What type of dishes can you find on the menu? 

Rosie: Our menu is a personification of Angelo and myself. He is of Greek/ Russian heritage and grew up in Boston. So we specialize in authentic Greek goodness and the big eats of America done right! For example, you can have the unique experience of mixing a traditional Tirokafteri (which is a spicy whipped feta dip) with a Boston cheese steak sandwich. Also, I am gluten intolerant so he makes a point of making almost everything gluten-free.  

Angelo: We cater to all allergies and he is passionate about having something for everyone on the menu. From such a small kitchen, people will be surprised how spoilt for choice they are. 

How do your sustainability goals tie in with Elephant Park? 

Rosie: We try to do everything we can to be as sustainable as possible. We use compostable takeaway boxes, bags and cutlery. We also source the majority of our produce from local suppliers to minimise carbon emissions. 

Give us 3 reasons why we should visit you at Angelo's!? 

Angelo: Our slogan is “food for all” so no matter if you’re a gluten-free vegan or a total omnivore, you’ll be spoilt for choice. (and with a stock of dog biscuits that goes for furry friends too.)  

Rosie: He has an amazing talent of creating food that doesn’t just feed your soul but also satisfies and nourishes you. I have never had a fried chicken burger before that makes me feel energized! And our cheese steak sandwich is a must-try! Angelo says it’s satisfaction guaranteed and the UK’s first authentic Boston cheesesteak.   

Angelo: and I guess the 3rd would be that our ethos extends beyond just the food. We are truly driven to help create an environment that people can find comfort in. We picked the name Angelo’s place because we want people to feel like they’ve gone around to their mate’s house for food. 

What do you think of Elephant Park?  

Angelo: I love what Elephant Park is trying to do in the centre of London. I get the sense it shares our values on community and quality of life. It’s great to be somewhere that, no matter who you are or where you are from, you’re all neighbours.

How easy was it to get set up with the team at Tap In?  

Rosie: Every new business has hiccups but we surprised even ourselves, with how well we worked together to overcome them. Angelo had worked in the kitchen at the Tap In briefly before, so he had a very clear vision which helped. He is also seasoned at starting his own businesses. 

Why did you choose Elephant & Castle? And why did you choose a pop-up in Tap In?  

Rosie: Like I said, when Angelo worked here before he saw an opportunity at the Tap In to create the community energy he is passionate about making through his food. He noticed locals coming in on a regular but no one talking to each other and said, I can help here and make a difference. 

Will you be employing local people?  

Angelo: Right now we are a small ship and as a new business aren’t in a capability to expand but when the time comes we would love to hire locally. 

How would you describe Elephant & Castle?  

Rosie: It’s a fantastic melting pot of cultures and people, that’s what’s exciting and part of what we love about London as a city. The people who spend any time here have picked up on the community energy existing in Elephant and Castle and love it as part of its charm. In such a big city it’s great to find a comforting neighbourhood vibe in such a central location to take respite from the busy chaos of a capital. 

How would you sum up Elephant & Castle in three words? 

Colourful, Community, Home. 

What is your favourite thing about this part of London?  

Rosie: We love how diverse this area is, you get to meet people from all walks of life and that’s what we love about the city and this area. We are excited about how this area will evolve and how we can become a positive contribution to the neighbourhood and its people. 

What do you think about the local community?  

Rosie: We mentioned that people seem excited about our passion to build on the community and neighbourhood environment here at Elephant & Castle. We want it to be like Cheers. Somewhere you can come when you’ve had a bad day and you know you’ll find a friendly face. Relax, bond over some food and forget about whatever you’re going through for a bit. We already have such lovely customers and have already started seeing the development of this. Living in a city can be extremely lonely and people often experience I higher level of depression and isolation in large cities. We think this is just one of the ways we can contribute to the community in this area and have a positive impact. 

Angelo's is open every Tuesday to Thursday from 4 pm – 10 pm, Friday & Saturday from 12 pm – 10 pm, and Sunday 1 pm – 9 pm. You can check out their delicious menu on their website. 

You can also follow them on Instagram. 

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