Free Wi-Fi launched in Elephant Park

Free web browsing – free to use Wi-Fi has been launched by Lendlease in areas across Elephant Park, Southwark, London, so residents, workers and visitors to the area can save their mobile data

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  • 08 December 2020
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  • Elephant Park
To help residents, workers and visitors to Elephant Park with surfing and communication on the go, Lendlease has introduced free Wi-Fi throughout the area.

After a phase of positive testing in February 2020, free Wi-Fi has been unveiled in specific locations across Elephant and Castle, including Elephant Park, Deacon Street/Meadow, Bodley Way and Sayer Street (South)

The Wi-Fi is free to use – simply look for “_Free Elephant Park Wi-Fi”, enter your name and email address on the registration page, then read and accept the terms. You can then connect and browse to your heart’s content. 

Many businesses and organisations are moving towards cloud-based solutions and flexible working, while people want to check their social media feeds and stay connected on the go. So the benefits of having free public Wi-Fi while walking to meetings, navigating an unknown area, grabbing lunch, or simply taking a break are vast.

Public Wi-Fi is also important for newcomers or tourists, so they can find destinations or information easily and discover nearby shops, restaurants and bars. 

Kristy Lansdown, from Elephant Park for Lendlease, said: “We’re very proud to announce the introduction of free Wi-Fi throughout Elephant Park. We have highlighted some key areas where we feel residents, workers and visitors would benefit from having public Wi-Fi, and are excited to offer the service for their benefit. Some of the areas we have outlined, such as Sayer Street, will have Wi-Fi extended in the future, as the development of Elephant Park continues.”  

So, gone are the days of having to use mobile data when walking round Elephant Park – the introduction of free Wi-Fi will make life in the area just a bit more convenient for all.  

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