Five Ways to Live a Greener Life

Find out ways to live a greener life in and around London Elephant Park.

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  • 18 October 2021
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  • Elephant Park

 If it’s something you’ve not thought too much about, here’s five simple ways for you to live a greener life and help the wider area of Elephant & Castle.


1. Become a pro at recycling

Getting well versed in the area’s bin schedules and making sure you know exactly what goes where can make a huge difference to recycling your waste. You can find out about collection days at the Southwark Council website and for types of items that aren’t collected on a regular basis, (textiles, electricals etc.) find out where your local recycling points are.

When you’re putting things in the bin, why not pay particular attention to the packaging of your empty, everyday household items. Greenpoint Market sells all your regular household necessities like washing up liquid and detergent, as refills. Meaning you can take your empty bottles and have them refilled with product to minimise the plastic you’re throwing away.


2. Watch what you buy

Giving special thought to what you buy and where you buy it from can make a huge difference to how sustainably you live. As well as Greenpoint Market and Nunhead Gardener (from who you can buy seeds to plant) at Elephant Park, you can also buy from suppliers who are making waves in the green economy.

Too Good to Go is an app which lists food from popular restaurants that’s going to go to waste and sells it online at a reduced rate. So not only are you helping reduce food waste, you’re also getting a takeaway at a lower price too!

Elephant Park welcomed Crate to Plate earlier this year and the ground-breaking concept is changing the way we buy our produce. Grown in specially built “environments” right here in Elephant & Castle, the produce on sale has not had to be frozen, transported, or flown from anywhere, and is completely fresh. Shopping locally, especially locally grown or created produce, is a simple and effective way to minimise the carbon footprint associated with running your house.


3. Hack your commute

This one is perhaps the easiest of all. We all know that driving and using taxi services are a costly way to travel around London, but they can also be rather harmful to the environment. Next time you have a journey to make, consider leaving a little earlier and walking there, or even cycling. You might just find a new hobby that not only helps the planet but also keeps you healthy too!


4. Make small changes

Sometimes it’s the small changes that make a huge difference. Alongside buying from sustainable brands and hacking your commute, you can make other adjustments to your routine that will help save the planet. If you’re a coffee lover, make sure you have a reusable coffee cup that you can then ask your barista of choice to fill, instead of a disposable cup. In fact many coffee shops now sell their own reusable versions which can also bring you discounts on your favourite cup of java. The same goes for taking your own bag for life to the supermarket or purchasing larger containers to minimise plastic packaging.

When it comes to your clothing or old material possessions, you can also consider reselling them on platforms like Depop or Vinted. Since one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, you’re likely to find that old frame or pair of boots might just be given a new lease of life by someone else. And the bonus? You can also make a pretty penny. Why not save up all the money you make from reselling and put it towards a holiday or a larger purchase? It’s amazing how quickly it all adds up!

Speaking of saving money, you can also lower your bills by turning off the lights when you leave a room, keeping windows closed when you have the heating on, or buying energy-saving bulbs for your home. Not only does that save you money, but also reduces your energy usage. Win win!


5. Pick or plant your own

Growing your own produce is not only a good way to be green but also incredibly satisfying. Now we’re not suggesting you tend your own vegetable patch (although – if you can, then wonderful!), but even having pots of herbs in your kitchen will save you a trip to the supermarket and add an extra dose of flavour to your cooking!

Foraging is also a fab way to find your own produce for recipes. Local foraging clubs, forums and books can shed more light on the activity, but you’ll be amazed at what edible plants you can find right on your doorstep!

If you give any of our top tips a go, let us know! Tag us on Instagram @elephantparklondon.