Cycling adventures from Elephant Park

Find out the best places to visit by bike close to Elephant Park, including London Borough Market and Covent Garden.

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  • 10 September 2021
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  • Elephant Park
In the spirit of Sustainable September, here are some London hotspots to explore within a few minutes’ ride of Elephant Park.

It's sustainable September, so here are some London hotspots to explore within a few minutes’ ride of Elephant Park to get you out of the car and onto the bike.

London has a thriving bike culture, and more people than ever are choosing to get around on two wheels. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people commuting to work by bike in London doubled between 2005 and 2015.

In case you needed convincing, cycling is great exercise and the perfect way to discover the city. Rather than being cooped up in the gym, you can enjoy fresh air and beat the crowds on the Tube and bus. There’s no better way to shake off stress from a long day at work than by hopping on your bike. 
As well as boosting your physical and mental well-being, cycling is just plain fun. You and your friends can make it a social activity at the weekend, and discover the capital’s history and attractions.

In fact, Elephant Park couldn’t be better placed as launchpad for cycling adventures. With over 3,000 cycle spaces available for Elephant Park residents, as well as 90 new cycle hire bikes going into the scheme for the wider public to use, cycling is integral to our plans for Elephant & Castle. We are also introducing a number of new cycling and pedestrian routes through the development to encourage people out of their cars and towards more sustainable transport options.

We’ve chosen five unmissable destinations within minutes of Elephant Park.


(10 MINUTES, 3.3KM)
Covent Garden, the beating heart of London’s Theatreland, can be reached in only 10 minutes by a route that takes you over the Thames and into the West End. Experience the buzz of the elegant Piazza by the Royal Opera House before treating yourself to a little shopping, or taking refreshment in one of the area’s quintessential London pubs.

The Market, London, WC2E 8RF
+44 (0)870 780 5001


A London must-see often overlooked by locals, Tower Bridge is a window into London's past. The Victorian engine rooms are an insight into the city's industrial past and a bracing reminder of how far we've come. Start by climbing the North Tower, from where you can walk the West Walkway down to the South Tower. 

This Grade 1 listed window into Victorian London can be reached in 10 minutes from Elephant Park.

Tower Bridge Road, London, SE12UP
+44 (0)20 7403 3761


(6 MINUTES, 1.8KM)
Fancy spending your Saturday with Picasso, Matisse, Warhol and Hockney?

The Tate Modern, set in the iconic Bankside Power Station, is indisputably one of the nation’s cultural hotspots, exhibiting giants of art alongside daring new voices. Residents of Elephant Park can be there in only six minutes.

Bankside, London, SE1 9TG
+44 (0)20 7887 8888


(8 MINUTES, 2.25KM)
Southwark's largest park at 56 hectares, Burgess Park is nevertheless more famous for its unique inception than its size. Build on a mixture of war-time bomb-sites and post-war demolitions, the park sits where once stood factories, churches and even the former Grand Surrey Canal. The incredibly popular BMX track opened in 2013, for any cyclists brave enough to take it on.

Burgess Park is an 8-minute cycle from Elephant Park.

Albany Road, London, SE5 0AL
+44 (0)20 7525 2000


(20 MINUTES, 4.6KM)
The furthest location away from Elephant Park on the list, we wouldn't recommend this iconic piece of London geography if it wasn't worth the workout. The Queen's official London residence and a working royal palace, Netflix's The Crown has recently shone an even brighter spotlight on the area of public interest that has been synonymous with England's capital for centuries.

Buckingham Palace is a 20-minute cycle from Elephant Park.

Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA
+44 (0)303 123 7300