6 things to do in London during lockdown

Boredom? What boredom? There are still lots of things to do in London during lockdown.

  • 19 November 2020
  • by
  • Elephant Park
Social distancing? Good! We know it’s difficult, especially when boredom hits, but if we all play our part this’ll be over before you’re done binge watching Mandalorian. Hopefully!

Streaming services

Streaming films and tv shows is the obvious thing to do in London during the COVID lockdown, but it’s a great one!

Disney+ is the new streaming service on the block. With a year on the scene, Disney+ is continuously updating content. Not a fan of Disney movies? There’s always Pixar! Not a fan of cartoons? It’s still completely worth the subscription for endless content from Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. 

One of the many exciting things about Disney+ is that there’s now a plug-in on Chrome that allows you to watch content with your friends, family, or partner from the comfort of your separate homes. You have the option to chat (with emojis), pause, fast-forward, rewind… all in real time with your streaming partner. 

As for Netflix and Prime, the easiest thing to do in London during lockdown is to binge shows. Prime has classically popular shows like The Office (US) and Desperate Housewives, as well as dystopian book adaptations like The Handmaid’s Tale. There’s also Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, filmed in Southwark and rated an impressive 4.5/5. Netflix offers up Netflix Originals like Enola Holmes and The Queen’s Gambit – movies and shows to really grab your attention. 

Fancy something a bit more local? Southwark Playhouse is live-streaming performances like Poltergeist. Get the popcorn ready.

So, kick back, relax, and binge-watch to your heart’s content. No judgement here.


Get crafty 

It’s well documented that crafting activities like painting, colouring, and drawing reduce stress. Let your worries float away with every flick of the pen or swoosh of a paintbrush. There are many stress reducing colouring books available that can take away hours of your time and lessen that weight on your shoulders. Plus - if you get really good at it – you’ll be able to install some new art for your home!

We like the Mindfulness Colouring Book and this Inspirational Quotes Colouring Book. Pinterest is also a great place for art-themed stress reducing activities.

To get involved with your local community, check out Art in the Park, a charity based in Burgess Park, dedicated to enrich Londoners’ lives through the visual arts. They are hosting a multitude of online workshops, all for small, suggested donations throughout lockdown.  



If you’re going to be spending more time at home, it just makes sense. This is our favourite suggestion of things to do in London during lockdown: DIY!

Got an old wardrobe or coffee table that’s seen better days? Revamp it with some furniture paint – chalk paint is a great way to bring life back into old furniture and it covers almost any type of surface. 
What about your bathroom? Can’t get the grout clean? Sick of that off-white colour? Give your bathroom a new look; tile paint, add some candles, a plant, and voila - a new zen space to relax in the bath.
What about adding a feature wall to your living area? Or a new bookcase to display your plants, ornaments, and - of course – books. You could even change up your curtains to breathe new life into a room. Go for a bold colour to brighten up a neutral space – trust us.

Not very creative or good with your hands? Support a local artist at Pullen’s Yard, purchase some new pottery, furniture, or wall-art to give your home a unique touch.


Take a walk 

The city of London has a goal to become 50% green space by 2050, so take advantage of the ever-expanding greenery around you in Elephant Park. Take in the fresh air and appreciate the parks around you. A long walk through the green spaces of the city is sure to clear your head and boost your health. 



A selfless thing to do in Lockdown during COVID – volunteer. There are many charities and community organisations that will be struggling right now. Art in the Park are looking for Trustees – could your expertise help this local charity? If you can spare the time, volunteer. 

Age UK is also currently looking for telephone befrienders as more older people than ever are feeling isolated and lonely in these trying times. It takes just 30 minutes of your week and you’ll gain as much benefit from it as the person on the other end of the phone. Plus you’ll make a new friend!


Start a new habit or hobby 

Start a new - good - habit. Take up yoga every morning, try the ‘Couch to 5k’ challenge, cycle to new areas across London, head to the BMX track in Burgess Park, try cooking new recipes – gain a skill you didn’t have before. Put your extra time to good use, but pick something you enjoy, otherwise it’s a task, not a hobby.